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Richelle Carey-HLN Anchor & Advocate


Crème Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Richelle Carey:  I’m a proud Texan, born and raised in Houston. I’m an only child, the product of an all girls catholic school, a graduate of Baylor University. Being a broadcast journalist is an exciting job, but it doesn’t define me. I’m an advocate for woman and girls.

I value my work with Men Stopping Violence and the Girl Scouts. I’m a huge sports fan, particularly football. My Texans WILL be in the Super Bowl this year!


Crème Magazine:  Talk to us a little about your show on HLN?


Richelle Carey: I occasionally fill in on CNN, but I anchor weekdays on CNN Network HLN (formerly CNN Headline news)It’s a fast paced newscast focused on the people behind the stories, and how the news of the day impacts them.


Crème Magazine:  What story or event have you covered that had the most impact on you and how?


Richelle Carey: I would have to say whenever I cover stories of women who are abused and are powerless, they have a profound impact on me. It reminds me why advocacy journalism is so critical to our national dialogue. When a little girl is gang raped in Texas and some of the dialogue is “well she acts” grown….It reminds me how far we have to go in social justice as it pertains to women and girls.


Crème Magazine: You currently serve on the Board of Directors for Men Stopping Violence and The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta. Why did you choose to get involved with these organizations?


Richelle Carey:  I emceed events for MSV for years, but became a board member and active advocate after the public reaction to Chris Brown’s assault on Rihanna. I was deeply troubled by so many people saying it was “just a fight” or “what did she do to make him so mad.” I felt I was in a position to help change the dialogue, end the cycle of abuse and maybe even save lives. While Men Stopping Violence is about challenging men to end the violence, to stop it before starts….Girl Scouts is about empowering young women. I feel the two missions compliment each other. Healthy young men and women=healthy relationships.

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