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Utenzi Miller – Eye Shine: Elegant Eyes Sets A New Standard

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The optical industry is full of companies seeking to improve your eye sight, while making you feel comfortable in your frames. For Elegant Eyes — based out of New Jersey — they are showing customers that some of the trendiest people out right now are also eye glass wearers. With three locations throughout the state, they are revitalizing the look and feel of glasses, one pair at a time.

Co-owner Utenzi Miller-Johnson was born and bred around optometry. Her family is three generations into the eye business. She learned early on that eyewear is something beyond an instrument better sight. They speak to who you are, your style and personality; therefore, they have to make a profound statement. The optical-bred co-owner shares how her love of fashion transcended to Elegant Eyes with this: “I have always loved fashion. I am a confessed magazine junkie. I pay attention to what’s going on in the optical industry as well as studying trends. I live for fashion! Eyewear is everywhere so it behooves me to stay alert and present on current trends.”

For any dreamer, Miller-Johnson advises them to simply be passionate. “Keep pushing, even when you think you can’t.” She continues, “Never give up and never become complacent. If you want it, you can have it,” states the savvy businesswoman.

Elegant Eyes is far from being done when it comes to their own ambitions. The brand hopes to expand to New York, Philly or D.C. Outside of the company, the Jersey-born optical boutique now has an eyeglass concierge service that brings the posh to the metropolitan area, called An Eye For Style. The most exclusive frames and services have now made it to your doorstep, including treatment and exams.

It’s clear Miller-Johnson and her co-owners see beyond limitation.

Innovative and creative, trendsetting and steps ahead of the competition, Elegant Eyes helps anyone see the potential in patience and hard work. The two are inseparable, just like eyeglasses and style. Business is about what you can see, and anyone can see the vision at Elegant Eyes is perfectly clear.

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  • Shara

    “I pay attention to what’s going on in the optical industry as well as studying trends.” – With this type of thinking, Elegant Eyes will always be successful.  Great Article!