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Shaniese Grant- Savvy Cupcake LLC


Name: Shaniese Grant

Company: Savvy Cupcake LLC

Year Founded: May 2011

Crème Magazine: Who’s your target consumer for the Savvy Cupcake brand?

Shaniese Grant : Savvy Cupcake is a fashion apparel company for professional women from 21-40 who want to be relaxed and maintain their sophistication. 


CM: How did you come up with the name Savvy Cupcake for a clothing line?

Shaniese Grant: Naturally I wanted to name the clothing line after something that was near and dear to me. My obsession with the sweet treat of a cupcake and….   My dog is also named Cupcake.  SAVVY… is to be in the know and all of my customers are fashion conscious Savvyista’s.

CM: How would you best describe the clothing line?


Shaniese Grant: Savvy Cupcake is chic lounge wear.  We want to see young professional women empowered by their choices of clothing and to be equally confident within and outside of the office.  Whether she is in the airport about to board a flight, doing laundry, or grocery shopping, the Savvy woman is ready to take on the city in style.





CM: What’s new for the line this year?


Shaniese Grant: Savvy Cupcake is currently in its development stage and we will offer tracksuits, t-shirts, leggings, oversized sweaters, totebags, and boyshorts.  We are building brand awareness through social media outlets such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, and pintrest.  The Savvy Cupcake brand is featured in YP TV as well as “To Whom Much is Given” book trailer.


CM: Where can we purchase your clothes?

Shaniese Grant: Savvy Cupcake clothing will be offered online and as our clientele builds products will become available in boutiques

CM: Were some obstacles you had to overcome when starting your business?

Shaniese Grant: When starting a business entirely on your own you have to focus on each detail, it is a constant test of trial and error. Ideas that sound amazing do not always play out the way you saw them but somehow it always works out when you’re diligent. 

CM: What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out a fashion line?

Shaniese Grant: Do your research and make sure starting a fashion line is something that you are passionate about because it’s not all glitz and glam.


CM: As a member of the New York League Urban League Young Professionals–how has the organization helped you with your business? 

Shaniese Grant:  The organization is a great platform for young entrepreneurs like myself to showcase and to network.  During recent events I was able to participate in the business pitch contest, build clientele, and gain a mentor.  

CM: Finally what’s your definition of a Hot Shot?

Shaniese Grant: A hot shot is a fearless risk-taker, one who has an idea and runs with it.  One who falls down a million times but gets up a million and one.  “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” Marilyn Monroe   

Shaniese Grant was the winner of last year’s New York Urban League Elevator Pitch Contest.


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