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Giveaway Contest With Our Facebook Readers

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Crème readers win the re-releases of Set it Off, Friday and Menace to Society.


We did a contest with our Facebook readers who are part of our Facebook group called The Crème Movement. Warner Brothers gave away the re-releases of Set it Off, Friday and Menace to Society. The first 2 winners that replied back to our contest questions first won the DVD’s. Join The Crème Movement to participate in contest giveaways and exclusive invites to events. Below is the contest we sent out to the group and the answers to the questions.


Thanks to our Facebook winners Xanda Tonge of New York and Ragie Gallardo of Yonkers.


1. What was the name of Jada Pinkett’s Character in Set it off?
2. What was the name of Chris Tucker’s Character in Friday?
3. What was the name of Lorenz Tate’s Character in Menace to Society




Remember the 90s? Biggie and ‘Pac were still putting out hits, Clinton was President, and rappers were starting to get their “actor” on in a real way. It was the golden age of post-modern black cinema before Tyler Perry came out of the shadows.

This month, Warner Home Video released three classic 1990s-era urban DVDs complete with all-new commentary, featurettes and director’s cuts. These titles are simply must-haves for the DVD collection! And Creme is giving you a chance to win this Urban Deluxe Trio!

FRIDAY (1995): Stoner comedy at its finest. Directed by an up and coming F. Gary Gray, this one starred the Black Hollywood elite of the 90′s: Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Regina King and John Witherspoon.

SET IT OFF (1996): Classic crime caper that took girl power to the extreme. Also from director F. Gary Gray, this cast is truly unforgettable. Jada Pinkett (she hadn’t married royalty yet), Queen Latifah, Vivica Fox, Blair Underwood, Kimberly Elise and Dr. Dre.

MENACE TO SOCIETY (1993): The Hughes Brothers (Dead Presidents) came on the scene and took no prisioners. MENACE told the truth about the violence and limited options many young inner-city youth had at that time. Part crime drama, part love story. Larenz Tate, Jada Pinkett, Samuel L. Jackson and Tyrin Turner created characters that grabbed your heart and didn’t let go. Two thumbs way up.



1.Jada played Lita “Stony” Newsom in Set it Off
2.Chris Tucker played “Smokey” in Friday
3.Tate played “O-Dog” in Menace to Society


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