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Hip Hop artist and actor Bow Wow recently spoke with us about his role in Tyler Perry’s latest film ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’, his next films and his long awaited next album.

Crème Magazine:  How did you actually get the part?

Bow Wow: Yeah I got the part by my agent calling me when I was in L.A. He was like “Yo I need you to go downstairs and do a table reading for Tyler’s new movie.” I was like alright cool. I thought he was like [playing], and I was like is ‘Tyler going to be there?’ And he was like “yeah”. Then when I saw him come through, I was like wow he really was there. It was just so surreal. Then after that they basically kind of knew I had the role before I came downstairs. I believe they made the right choice. I hope I make them proud with this one.


Crème Magazine:   After first reading the script what first stood out to you?

Bow Wow:  Ah man it was just the story. It was definitely the story. Then of course you know I would be lying to you if I didn’t say it wasn’t my character because it‘s the character that I have to play, so of course I got to like him too.

Overall, it was really the story and what it meant. Just bringing everybody together, the message of you never know when somebody is leaving. So you got to make sure to tell the person you love them. Tell your loved ones you love them because like I said you never know when it’s that person’s time. I’ve dealt with a situation like that before. My grandma, she passed away from cancer, Ms. Loretta goes through what my grandmother goes through in this movie. So it struck home [and] being that Tyler Perry was behind it, that’s like a no-brainer.  I’ve been wanting to work with Tyler for a longtime. He knows that, and the time was right. We made it happen.


Crème Magazine:   In which ways is your character “Byron” similar to you?

Bow Wow: He’s similar because he’s a stand-up dude. He stands up. He could have easily been like okay cool. He stood up, he got rid of both of them women. Look, if you don’t like it then bounce. This is what it is. This is the right track I’m on. I’m trying to be the best man I can be not only for me but my son. If you’re not feeling it then step. He stood up for what he believed it, and that is what kept him going.


Crème Magazine:  What were some of the funniest moments that you can remember that happened onset while filming?

Bow Wow: No funny moments actually man. It was all work no play. Tyler gives us a little flexibility to play around, but for the most part it’s serious.  I think a lot [of people] see the comedy side of it, but it’s some drama, some heavy drama that goes on in this movie.  There really wasn’t that much playing around really, everyone was really serious and on point.


Crème Magazine: There are some heavy emotional scenes in the film, how were you able to pull that off?

Bow Wow: Just being an actor and just tapping into a whole other side of myself, that only the craft of acting can bring out of you. I credit all that to my cast mates and Tyler and everybody else because they bring it out of you. That’s just what working with great actors and actresses and just knowing your role and knowing your position, can add to a role. That’s basically how I got a chance to deliver onscreen that way. I didn’t think about anything, I became Byron, I understood the movie, the story, the character. Once you do that—man, it’s over from that point.


Crème Magazine: Are there any current films on the horizon that you’re working on?

Bow Wow: I just wrapped another movie last month called “Recalled”. It’s an army movie, and I’m actually getting ready to start another movie next month called “The Lowenfish Party” which will be a comedy. So you guys can expect me back on some of the normal Bow Wow material that you guys usually see me on the big screen. So I’m back at it, I ain’t taking no breaks.


Crème Magazine: So we hear that you have an album that you’re working on to be called ‘Underrated’. When can we expect this album to be released?

Bow Wow: Underrated, if not this year, then definitely next year. I’m just so jam packed with so much stuff. Me and [Ice] Cube just linked up for my TV sitcom, currently untitled–we just closed that deal last week.  So, I’m just gearing up making the right moves and taking the right opportunities. Trying to make sure I have time to do all this stuff. I’m in the middle of working on the album, I’ve already started getting records together. But as of right now it’s so hard, but I’m just trying to handle things one thing at a time.


Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America


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