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Crush Wiz-Juicehugger


Introducing…Crush Wiz, Owner and CEO of Juicehugger, Host of Cooking with Crush and Healthnut Blogger for Brooklyn NY and Boston MA

Suncear Scretchen: What inspired you to begin a career in wellness?



Crush Wiz: Around Jan 27th of last year (my Bday) I was getting dressed and noticed how heavy I was. It didn’t feel good to me so I started working out more and eating better. My friend Rita G told me about how much she loves juicing so I started consuming them everyday and began to lose weight. People started to notice the difference and they would ask me to make some for them. I then realized that I could make money from this and that was the spark.



SS: What sets your juice apart from other store-bought brands?



Crush Wiz: By not being pasteurized, my juice is not stripped of its phytonutrients.  I want to make juice that’s fresh to order, and by being made available online, it’s accessible to almost anyone.



SS: What do you love most about what you do?



Crush Wiz: I get to maintain a successful business and give back to where I came from which is surrounded by bodgeas, KFCs and Walmarts. The idea of groceries are in boxes, cans and freezers.


SS: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?



Crush Wiz: Loosing the weight that prompted me to see what could done if I put my mind to it,..and how it could help so many other people discover that they can do the same.



SS: Where would you like to see Juicehugger, 5 years from now?



Crush Wiz: I would like to get into school programs where I can make demonstrations on how to cut up and prepare veggies. I also see a location in the future but with the business model being anti-location (to a degree), I’m still trying to figure that out.



SS: What’s your definition of a Hot Shot?



Crush Wiz: Someone who is progressive in their field, pushing the envelop on what’s normally done.

Article by Suncear Scretchen

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