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The Multi Talented Albe Back


You may remember this Bronx native for his role as “Brooklyn” in ATL.  However, he has a few more talents up his sleeve beginning with a GRAMMY and a thriving rap career.  From this interview we know that Albe Back ain’t going nowhere!


Crème Magazine: How has Big Pun influenced your life and your music career?

Albe Back: Well I consider him family. I use to watch his kids sometimes or go to the store for him. He let me live in his attic so I was around him all day long. While he was writing I had the opportunity to watch his process. Like every great MC when resitting back his lines, I got the chance to experience what it took to become a better writer (The craft of writing). Because I watched the greatest do it so effortlessly.




CM: What are you currently working on?

Albe Back: I am currently putting the finishing touches to my debut album APARTMENT 3 B. I’m also creating a strong foundation for my company “JUSBE”. Its a multi media company that ranges from The production and writing side of music, to movies and internet content that showcases the many different gifts God gave me. You might have seen a ”ONE MINUTE SHOW” or a small documentary. I love doing shorts as well. So JUSBE provides that for all my actor friends and family in the business to have a home and showcase talent.


CM: Who have you collaborated with thus far?

Albe Back: I have been blessed to be on records with KRS – ONE, Mc Lyte, DMC, Macy Grey, Fabolous, Kanye West, Mos Def , Curren$y and the list goes on. Each song I’ve done with people made sense to the actual record. I produce a majority of my records alongside my friend Jared Lee Gosselin; so If there is a feature on a record of mine it just might come with a crazy back story to it lol.


CM: With the rap game being so competitive how do you separate yourself from everyone else?

Albe Back: Poetry. Culture. I don’t talk about “things” as much as I talk about “life” or life being raised in the Bronx. I never really play it safe. I like expanding my versatility with what life throws at me and since NO two lives are the same. Look for my story to always B. different HAHA.


CM: Tell us about your experience playing ”Brooklyn” and working with Chris Robinson and the cast in the movie ATL?

Albe Back:  I had an amazing time. I was young and trying to do my best to show the world everything I learned being a NUYORICAN POET and also with the accomplishment of being the NUYORICAN champion. People don’t give those poets the proper respect they deserve. I think that’s why in the movie I was a poet. Chris Robinson who knew me since I was 15 allowed me to B. myself. Everything I did good in front of the camera was because of years and years of being on the stage and getting all my lines in one take. So when Chris said cut do it again. My eyes lit up, Like whaaaaat? We can to do it again? I felt at home. Plus the family on set was cool. Everyone was like one big family.


CM: Congrats on the Grammy award for your work on Kanye West’s multi-platinum album, “Graduation”. You wrote and produced the track “Good Night” ft. Mos Def. Is producing something you’re doing a lot of?

Albe Back: I produced 95 precent of my album. I love making music come together. Its very similar to writing. its just sounds are words that can go together. So if I hear something I know what word goes with that sound. With your voice as the final instrument. Kanye was another person who allowed me to JUSBE myself he took the whole structure of the record and added his element. Im lucky, I guess not a lot of people can say KANYE rapped on my beat; but I can.


CM: You’re an MC/Actor/Poet/Producer/Writer/Director. I assume you have a busy schedule. Summarize for our readers what a day and a life is like for Albe Back.

Albe Back: I wake up. and B. No two days are the same. JUSBE.


CM: What advice would you give a young MC coming up in the music game?

Albe Back: If you’re it you can’t fail at it. Do not look at how fast something gets done as success. God might want you to be the best at 47 years old; and if you love it then you would be ok with that. Fall in love with your craft and the rest will follow.


CM: Where can we purchase your music and stay up to speed with what you’re doing?

Albe Back: Punch in ALBE BACK for Twitter or Facebook or


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